With Renewed Commitment to Excel in the New Millennium!

Company Name: Awash Insurance Company S.C. (AIC)

Company Logo:

On a sky blue circle background three letters AIC (Awash Insurance Company) are engraved in white,on top of the middle letter there is trifoliolate ,three leaves in green representing bright future,growth and prosperity.

Headquarters Address: The Awash Towers
Senga Tera
P.O.Box 12637
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel. +251-11-5570001
Fax +251-11-5570208 OR:

Motto: Wherever there is Awash,there is safety,protection and peace of mind.

WE CARE for our Customers!!


The Vision of Awash Insurance Company S.C,is " to be the leading and the best insurance service provider."

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Awash Insurance Company S.C,is to provide diversified general and long-term insurance services to a continuously growing number of clients efficiently, competitively and profitably supported by modern technology as well as by well trained, professionally and socially responsible team of management and employees.

Core Values:

  • Commitment towards its clients.
  • Commitment towards its staff.
  • Providing a client focused marketing and claims service.
  • A dynamism of management in reacting to fast-changing market conditions.
  • Providing efficient claims and client service.
  • Transparency.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Carry out all types of general and long-term insurance and reinsurance businesses in Ethiopia and abroad;
  • Provide customers with clear, up-to-date and helpful professional advice in an easy way;
  • Make sure that the protection provided is completely fit to the requirements of customers;
  • Invest in businesses incidental to insurance in accordance with the law;
  • Encourage society to help one another;
  • Initiate, promote and uphold the actualization of lucrative businesses by financing or investing in them to maximize the Shareholders' benefits;
  • Work severally and hand-in-glove with all concerned to enhance the awareness about insurance among the general public;
  • Facilitate, guarantee and help accelerate socio-economic development of the country in serving the economy as rear guard;
  • And above all, contribute its part to the sustainable growth of the economy.

Founded: October 1, 1994.

Commenced Operations: January 2, 1995.


Main Activity/Service: General Insurance and Long-term (Life) Insurance Business.

Ownership structure: A private share company with more than 741 individuals and corporate shareholders.

Business Partner(s) and Bankers:

    i.Awash International Bank S.C, Our principal banker; AIC is

    the leading shareholder in the Bank;

    ii. United Bank S.C.

    iii Wegagen Bank S.C.

    iv.Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

    v.Oromia Cooperative Bank S.C.

Capital: Subscribed Capital, ETB 80,000,000.00
Paid-up capital, ETB 120 million.

Business Experience and Track Record:

Profitable throughout its years of service, with over 24% investment return on the average.

Customer Base:

  • Our client base is one of the broadest among private Companies.
  • Many gigantic companies and organizations(private and puplic alike)are among ever-growing customer base.
  • AIC’s Outstanding Features:

    • Owns ultramodern Headquarters building at the center of the metropolis.
    • Provides technologically advanced and automated service General Insurance Information System.
    • Stability and remarkable business trach record
    • The solid foundation(our broad-based unique feature);
    • Ever-growing size,national coverage & organizational strength;
    • Service efficeincy,transparency;
    • Loyal and dedicated staff of growing quality
    • *both young & experienced
    • Our willingness to serve customers flexibly and innovatively;
    • That we have a sister Bank,the first private bank since three decades.
    • Dependability of Reinsurance Program,and
    • Above all our provision of highly tailored/affordable insurance covers suitable & fit to the needs and pockets of the customers

    Directors: Board Directors are nine prominant businessmen and proffesinals 

    Board Chairman: Mr. Kanaa Daba.

    Management: The managment team of AIC consists of seven highly qualified and exprinced professionals.

    Chief Executive Officer: Mr Tsegaye Kemsi, FLMI

    Staff : AIC has at present over 380 employees.

Head Quarter
The New Headquarters of Awash Insurance Company and its sister company, Awash International Bank.

Awash Insurance Company S.C.