Claims Handling

The rules and guidelines on claims handling in our company sets out responsibilities in handling of claims.
It outlines responsibilities for ensuring that:

  • Claims are handled fairly and are settled promptly;
  • Customers are provided with complete information on claims handling; and
  • The claims handling process is supported with an explanation of why a claim is rejected or not settled.

What makes our claims handling unique:                                                        

  • Follow up of reported claims and those in process;
  • Status update and not using one size fit all approach;
  • Efficient claims processing using GIIS;
  • Handling customer complaints timely;
  • Making use of deadlines in claims handling;and
  • Decentralized claims service.
In particular, for motor claims service:
  • Making use of AIC's recommended repair service providers;
  • Authorizing small repairs;
  • Paying parts cost for dealers;
  • Providing option for work order in customer preferred garage;
  • AIC owns four cranes to facilitate towing service;
  • Claims service at all branches;
  • Proximity of recovery site (the company has three recovery yards in Addis Ababa);
  • The company has customer service desk; and
  • Inspectors are timely assigned to conduct investigation and negotiation.
Requirements from customers at the time of claims:
   It is our conviction that knowing the procedures would help you in the process of claims handling.
                               Motor Claims
  1. The claims form should be completed and duly signed by both the insured and the driver;
  2. The driving license should be presented for checking by the company;
  3. Traffic police report should be submitted to the company as soon as possible;
  4. The applicable excess/deductible should be settled;
  5. Contributions should be settled;and
  6. Salvages should be returned.
                            Marine Claims
   Documents required for prompt marine claims settlement:

cliFor Damaged/Missing cargo:
  • Notify the claims in writing;
  • Submit original Marine Policy;
  • Submit original commercial Invoice;
  • Submit original Bill of loading or Airway Bill;
  • Submit packing List;
  • Submit preliminary survey report;
  • Notification of arrival of the carrier/delivery order;
  • Produce customs declaration; and
  • Produce missing package confirmation for air cargo.

For any damage/loss during Inland Transit:
  • Submit truck way bill; and
  • Police report in addition to the documents mentioned above.

Note: Whenever carriers or bailees are liable for the loss occurred to
cargoes, the assured or agents must lodge letter of protest or claims
against the liable party in writing and copy to the company.

Claims settlement is subject to the following:
  • The applicable excess/deductible should be settled; and
  • Salvage should be returned to the Company.

አዋሽ ኢንሹራንስ ኩባንያ አ.ማ ዓመታዊ የሽያጭ ወኪሎች ቀን
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